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July 2015

Ah, the memories ….

Just thinking of the old days – I guess you do that sort of thing when you get old. Nothing brings back memories like old tunes.


And this is why I like Lt. Col. Allen West …

Former Florida Congressman and combat veteran Lt. Col. Allen West tells it like it is and it’s a damn shame that others won’t do the same. We are going to have to have men like West leading this country soon, or we might as well hang it up!

Judge Jeanine blasts Obama over not arming our military

I’ve always loved this gal – she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and this video shows the frustration that she shares will all Americans over the cowardly murders, by a Muslim, of our unarmed troops. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Hey, Obama, this is how you protect our military

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks on measures to reduce gun violence, at the University of Hartford in Connecticut April 8, 2013.   REUTERS/Jason Reed     (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTXYE1HAs usual, it takes State Governors to use some common sense. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an order that all members of the Texas Army National Guard, while on duty, carry loaded side arms. Abbott didn’t wait for a bill to be issued, he just gave the order. But we all know that Obama will never do this because it’s obvious that he hates our military! God Bless Texas.

Click here to read Gov. Abbott’s statement.

Message to Americans: Arm yourselves – your government is not going to protect you

a-militiaThere is no doubt that Muslims and radical Islam has declared war on America. And what is our government doing to protect us? Absolutely nothing!

Ever since he has been in office, Obama has always taken the side of Muslims over all other American citizens. In fact, he even includes a statement in one of his books where he writes that if things get rough, he will always stand with Muslims.

That being said, the only option left for American citizens is to arm themselves, and it’s time that we begin doing just that. I’ve always considered myself to be a law-abiding citizen and I will continue to be; but I will exercise my 2nd Amendment right to be armed and that’s what I am doing. No longer do I feel that I have to have any kind of license to carry a gun, no matter what the current law may say.

If Muslim terrorists can carry guns and kill unarmed members of our military, then I have a right and a duty to also be armed to protect my family and fellow citizens; that’s exactly what I plan to do. Until the time comes that we get a patriotic president, one that truly loves our country, it’s up to all Americans to step up and defend their country, family, friends, and neighbors.

Enough is enough – lock and load!

Governors should arm their National Guard troops, now.

armynationalguardAs long as National Guard troops have not been federalized and are under the control of governors; state governors should arm their troops now!

National Guard troops should be armed on and off duty and that includes at recruiting centers. While the Federal government stumbles around trying to be politically correct when it comes to arming our military, state governors should act and arm citizen soldiers.

The Federal government will drag its feet on this very important subject. Some politician will have to write a bill, then it will go into committees, then it will have to be voted on by the House and Senate, etc. – You get the picture, and even if it passes this Muslim-loving president would veto it. Meanwhile members of our brave military will be sitting targets for cowardly Muslim terrorists.

But state governors can act now, if they have the guts to do so. Let’s see which one will come forward and lead the charge to protect Marines, Airmen, Soldiers, and Sailors. It’s bad enough for the flower of our nation to be killed in combat; for them to be murdered here on our own soil is outrageous and unacceptable!

Arm members of our military and arm them now!

a-marinelogoToday, four of our finest and the flower of our country were gunned down in Chattanooga, TN. Four Marines were murdered by a Muslim scumbag and the Marines were sitting targets, unarmed, and unable to fight back!

I will not name the Muslim piece of trash here, but I will say this, it’s way past time for Americans to realize the threat that is Muslims and their twisted religion, Islam. Muslims are taught by their evil book, the Koran, to gain the trust of the infidel (us). They are taught to “blend in,” or as we say in the South, become good ol’ boys and gain the trust of the infidel (us). In my opinion, there are no moderate or good Muslims. They all study the same book which encourages them to kill the infidel (us).

It is outrageous for members of our military to be unarmed. They should be ordered to carry loaded sidearms, on and off duty. What kind of idiotic thinking would come to the conclusion that our troops should be unarmed? For God’s sake, these men and women are trained to use firearms. Who would be better qualified to carry guns? We don’t need contract security to protect our military installations – we need armed Marines, Airmen, Soldiers, and Sailors to protect their bases.

The American people should DEMAND that this Muslim-loving president and this inept Congress see to it that members of our military are required to carry loaded sidearms NOW!

Rest in peace, brave Marines, I’m ashamed that the country that you so bravely defended has let you down.

The media just can’t figure it out – Trump is surging in the polls

donald-trumpI swear that I have to laugh watching the various pundits who are trying to figure out why “The Donald” continues to surge in the polls. Now I may just be an old boy from Texas, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Trump’s success – the American people are simply fed up with illegal aliens killing our citizens!

Trump is telling us what we have been starving to hear – some common sense for a change! All law-abiding citizens are sick and tired of politically-correct politicians telling us that we are racist if we don’t want illegal aliens killing our people. We have a racist in the White House and white people are suffering because of it. When the beautiful young woman, Kate Steinle, was murdered by an illegal alien in San Francisco, that was the last straw!

San Francisco is a sanctuary city that protects illegal-alien criminals and the leaders of that liberal cess poll are not the least bit apologetic over the death of Steinle. And what about the racist Obama? Well, he can send representatives to the funerals of black thugs but he has yet to reach out to Kate Steinle’s family.

So there is your answer, Donald Trump has become a breath of fresh to law-abiding citizens of all colors. If those arrogant pundits and members of the liberal media think that Trump is just a flash in the pan, they better think again. Hard working Americans have had it with liberals who are intent on destroying this country! The tragic death of Kate Steinle has touched our hearts and we are going to demand that her death was not in vain. – Bude lepsi

There is racism coming from the White House, and it’s disgusting!

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks on measures to reduce gun violence, at the University of Hartford in Connecticut April 8, 2013.   REUTERS/Jason Reed     (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTXYE1HI have spent the last several hours fighting back tears as I watched a grieving family pour out their hearts on the Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly Shows on Fox News. A young woman named Kate Steinle was murdered recently in San Francisco by an illegal alien from Mexico who had been deported five times and was being protected by San Francisco’s sanctuary policies.

My disgust comes directly from the actions of President Obama and his administration. Every time a black is killed by a white cop, even if that person is a criminal and a thug, Obama injects himself into the conservation. As blacks burn, loot, and riot, Obama continues to back the criminals, simply because they are black and that is racism – pure and simple!

Obama refuses to secure the border and he refuses to enforce our immigration laws! He sent people to the funerals of every one of the black thugs but he has yet to reach out to the family of a beautiful white woman who was killed by an illegal-alien criminal. Have you seen any white people riot, burn or loot? No, and you won’t – I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out why, but I think we all know the answer to that one.

I’ve never been a big fan of Donald Trump, but I am now. He is the only one who has had the courage to speak out against open borders and illegal-alien criminals. At a recent press conference, he included families who have lost loved ones to illegal aliens. Recent reports indicate that from 3,000 to 5,000 Americans are killed every year by these foreign criminals.

I have included a video of Trump’s press conference and I hope people will watch this and see what open borders and a racist president is doing to our country.

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