I am very upset with the things that are currently going on in my country. Although I’m not some sort of religious fanatic, I was raised in a Christian family and this country was founded on Christian ideals. This president has done everything in his power to destroy our nation. He is forcing his agenda on this country just has he promised to do when first elected.

At the present time, Obama is flooding America with illegal-alien criminals and Muslims. I have no problem with the Mexican people who come here legally – they are fine people with rich family traditions. Muslims, on the other hand, I do have a problem with – they all study the same book, the Koran, and that book tells them to kill the infidel – if you don’t accept their religion, you are the infidel. Politically correct or not, that’s the truth.

There are many illegal aliens in this country who are raping and murdering our citizens. They are here because we have an open border. Obama and this Congress is doing nothing about the border or the sanctuary cities that protect these animals. Believe me, Mexico’s southern border isn’t open – they shoot and deport people from South America that they don’t like, and they have a fence on their southern border. The government of Mexico is not our friend!

Barack Obama had every opportunity to bring this country together – he could have united our people but instead he has chosen to divide us. I wonder if liberals have figured it out that black and white folks in the South seem to get along better than in the North? Example: Nine innocent black people are murdered by a white racist in South Carolina. Whites vehemently denounce the tragedy and Blacks forgive – both sides get on with their lives without destroying property or burning and looting. In the North, a Black thug is killed after he robs a store and attacks a White cop, a justified response by the police. Result: Riots, burning and looting. Repeated again in Baltimore.

Hard working Americans, of every color, deserve better. I pray to God that he will bring us a leader who will unite us and return our country to its greatness. – Bude lepsi