cowboys-and-indiansIt seems today in our politically correct society that just about everything is bad for us. Liberal fools say that a flag can kill people. They say that a kid can’t make an imaginary gun with his finger without being expelled from school – or, kids will die if they drink straight out of a water hose, etc. You get the picture.

Now let’s take a step back in time to when I was growing up in the ’40s and ’50s. We all drank from water hoses and most of us had toy guns. We played war, and our dads owned guns. But never in a million years would we have thought about taking one of those guns to school and killing a classmate. Hell, we all knew that we would get the crap beat out of us if we even got near one of those guns without permission.

The Texas town that I lived in was built on a swamp and the mosquitoes were terrible! The city frequently fogged the area with DDT. Nobody had air conditioning back then so when the fogging truck would come around, Daddy would say, “Open up all the windows and let the DDT in to kill those skeeters!” That’s what we did and most of us are still around to tell about it. Yeah, and we rode in the back of pickups, didn’t wear seat belts,  ate fried food, and played outside ’til dark and most of us, who haven’t died of old age, are still around to talk about it.

Back in “the day” kids got their butts whipped when they didn’t mind their parents – the few kids who didn’t get discipline at home, sure as hell got it when they went to school. But today, parents aren’t allowed to whip their kids – neither are teachers. Therein lies the problem in America. Kids don’t have respect for the law or their elders – they don’t have respect for the police or law and order. Until we get back to the days when kids were raised right, this country will continue to decline.

And where are all the good kids? Why, that would be in the military, in law enforcement, in fire departments, or serving as other first responders. That’s where they are! – Bude lepsi