a-budlight-lime-a-ritaI’m not a heavy drinker, but a few months ago I got hooked on Budweiser’s Lime-A-Rita malt liquor. I love margaritas and this is the closet thing I’ve found that tastes like a margarita and I can buy it in a 12-pack. Budweiser also makes Strawberry-A-Rita, Mango-A-Rita, Lemon-A-Rita, and various others that, in my humble opinion, taste like crap.

So you would think that I would just buy my Lime-A-Rita and quit bitching about the rest. But therein lies the problem. Evidently many other folks are like me and don’t care for the other flavors and the Lime-A-Rita stays sold out. Now you would think that if a product is this popular, the stores would be sure they keep it stocked. Not so in this small Texas town! The local Walmart store puts the other crappy flavors in their cooler and tries to sell the delicious Lime-A-Rita by the can and charge a fortune for it. The grocery store seems to have followed suit and today I sit home thirsty for a delicious Lime-A-Rita. Maybe I should just go buy a jug of tequila and mix my own, but then I’d probably turn into an alcoholic. Oh the trials and tribulations.

There isn’t much to write about today. – Bude lepsi