donald-trumpI swear that I have to laugh watching the various pundits who are trying to figure out why “The Donald” continues to surge in the polls. Now I may just be an old boy from Texas, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Trump’s success – the American people are simply fed up with illegal aliens killing our citizens!

Trump is telling us what we have been starving to hear – some common sense for a change! All law-abiding citizens are sick and tired of politically-correct politicians telling us that we are racist if we don’t want illegal aliens killing our people. We have a racist in the White House and white people are suffering because of it. When the beautiful young woman, Kate Steinle, was murdered by an illegal alien in San Francisco, that was the last straw!

San Francisco is a sanctuary city that protects illegal-alien criminals and the leaders of that liberal cess poll are not the least bit apologetic over the death of Steinle. And what about the racist Obama? Well, he can send representatives to the funerals of black thugs but he has yet to reach out to Kate Steinle’s family.

So there is your answer, Donald Trump has become a breath of fresh to law-abiding citizens of all colors. If those arrogant pundits and members of the liberal media think that Trump is just a flash in the pan, they better think again. Hard working Americans have had it with liberals who are intent on destroying this country! The tragic death of Kate Steinle has touched our hearts and we are going to demand that her death was not in vain. – Bude lepsi