a-marinelogoToday, four of our finest and the flower of our country were gunned down in Chattanooga, TN. Four Marines were murdered by a Muslim scumbag and the Marines were sitting targets, unarmed, and unable to fight back!

I will not name the Muslim piece of trash here, but I will say this, it’s way past time for Americans to realize the threat that is Muslims and their twisted religion, Islam. Muslims are taught by their evil book, the Koran, to gain the trust of the infidel (us). They are taught to “blend in,” or as we say in the South, become good ol’ boys and gain the trust of the infidel (us). In my opinion, there are no moderate or good Muslims. They all study the same book which encourages them to kill the infidel (us).

It is outrageous for members of our military to be unarmed. They should be ordered to carry loaded sidearms, on and off duty. What kind of idiotic thinking would come to the conclusion that our troops should be unarmed? For God’s sake, these men and women are trained to use firearms. Who would be better qualified to carry guns? We don’t need contract security to protect our military installations – we need armed Marines, Airmen, Soldiers, and Sailors to protect their bases.

The American people should DEMAND that this Muslim-loving president and this inept Congress see to it that members of our military are required to carry loaded sidearms NOW!

Rest in peace, brave Marines, I’m ashamed that the country that you so bravely defended has let you down.