a-militiaThere is no doubt that Muslims and radical Islam has declared war on America. And what is our government doing to protect us? Absolutely nothing!

Ever since he has been in office, Obama has always taken the side of Muslims over all other American citizens. In fact, he even includes a statement in one of his books where he writes that if things get rough, he will always stand with Muslims.

That being said, the only option left for American citizens is to arm themselves, and it’s time that we begin doing just that. I’ve always considered myself to be a law-abiding citizen and I will continue to be; but I will exercise my 2nd Amendment right to be armed and that’s what I am doing. No longer do I feel that I have to have any kind of license to carry a gun, no matter what the current law may say.

If Muslim terrorists can carry guns and kill unarmed members of our military, then I have a right and a duty to also be armed to protect my family and fellow citizens; that’s exactly what I plan to do. Until the time comes that we get a patriotic president, one that truly loves our country, it’s up to all Americans to step up and defend their country, family, friends, and neighbors.

Enough is enough – lock and load!