You might say that Merle Haggard sort of brought me back to my roots; back to country music. You see back in the ’70s I was listening to soul and rock music – don’t get me wrong, I still love that music but when I was a kid all my Daddy listened to was Hank Williams Sr. and country music. As a teenager in the ’60s country music just didn’t do it for me and I loved folks like The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Buddy Holly, etc. Then is was The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and such.

Sometime around 1965, I heard Merle Haggard sing and that was it, I instantly became a big fan. I went to Houston three times in the ’70s to see him in concert and I was never disappointed. I guess like many of my loved ones who have passed, I thought Merle would live forever – thank God his music will.

Thanks for the memories, Merle; rest in peace. – Story on passing of Merle Haggard