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June 2016

When does it stop hurting?

Rich was my youngest brother and my best friend. I was always the big brother to him and forever known as his Bubba. I guess because he was the baby of the family and I was the oldest, I figured it was up to me to protect him. But when cancer raised its ugly head, “Bubba” was helpless. Although his family and friends prayed hard, his second bout with the dreaded disease took him away from us.

Rich was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer some 23 years ago and survived, but this time around he lost the battle with stomach cancer. He went into the hospital on his 63 birthday and passed away a few days later. I don’t know exactly why his death has hit me so hard – I lost my dad and my sister and although it hurt back then, losing Rich has really shook me to the core.

Perhaps it’s because we were so close – I talked to him every day and saw him at least twice a week. We enjoyed doing the same things, going to car shows and drag races – shooting guns, following those Texas Longhorns, fishing, and years ago, riding those old motorcycles.

Richard Montgomery with his cross beneath ‘Big Jake’ – his church.

Richard was a better man than me – he was a better dad – and although he didn’t attend church, he knew the Bible inside and out. He had a huge oak tree on his place and erected a cross beneath it, that was his church and he prayed under that tree often – he named the mighty oak “Big Jake.”

When Rich got pancreatic cancer, the doctors gave him only a few months to live – by the grace of God, he proved them wrong and lived another 23 years. Although I try my best to be grateful that I had those 23 years with him, it doesn’t stop or ease the hurt that I feel. And of course, I’m not alone – my mother who is still living and 91 years old lost her second child. My other brother, Joel, is also hurting. My wife had known Rich since he was just a kid and they were close as well. Rich has four children who love him deeply and they are also having to deal with this heart breaking loss.

My brother, Rich, along with my dad are the greatest men I’ve ever known. I like to think that someday I will see them again.


Bush awards Medal to Oscar Biscet

President George W. Bush recently presented this Cuban patriot, Dr. Oscar Biscet, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Biscet has only recently been released from prison by the Communist dictatorship in Cuba. He is a patriot of that country and very deserving of this honor. Once again, President Bush stands up for freedom and he is to be congratulated for it.

Allen West: Here’s what NO ONE will say about Istanbul…so I will — Allen West Republic

The only way this stops is if we look this enemy in the eye, understand their goals and objectives, and start killing them, wherever they seek sanctuary. As Written By Allen B. West: And so it happens again, as if it’s now something we expect every week, an Islamic jihadist attack. We here at…

via Allen West: Here’s what NO ONE will say about Istanbul…so I will — Allen West Republic

Let me introduce you to the ‘Dr. Of Common Sense’

Let me warn you right off the bat that this dude might use some language that could offend you if you have led a sheltered life. But the things he says make plenty of sense in the screwed up world that we live in today. In this video, he takes off on one of the so-called-beautiful people when she decides to give her opinion on gun control. Watch and enjoy.

VIDEO: Gingrich: ‘Brexit” Bodes ‘Very, Very Badly’ for Clinton — Gretawire

Donald Trump saw some parallels between Americans frustrated with their government and British citizens who supported the UK leaving the European Union. Is he right? Newt Gingrich went ON THE RECORD to sound off. The post VIDEO: Gingrich: ‘Brexit” Bodes ‘Very, Very Badly’ for Clinton appeared first on Gretawire.

Newt has got it exactly right on this one! Click on the link below to hear remarks from Newt and “The Donald.”

via VIDEO: Gingrich: ‘Brexit” Bodes ‘Very, Very Badly’ for Clinton — Gretawire

Marilyn Mosby may have an ethical obligation to abandon the rest of the Freddie Gray trials — Hot Air » Top Picks

With the complete acquittal of Caesar Goodson this week, the argument being made by Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has essentially imploded. Goodson was allegedly the “most culpable” in the death of Freddie Gray and the one officer involved in the incident who might have been convicted on any sort of charges. There are still…

via Marilyn Mosby may have an ethical obligation to abandon the rest of the Freddie Gray trials — Hot Air » Top Picks

Trump’s latest speech too good not to watch

“The Donald” pulls no punches in this attack on Hillary Clinton. Like him or not, what is the alternative? If Clinton wins this election, you can kiss your guns good bye and for that matter, kiss the country good bye because the Supreme Court will be filled with liberals.

Half of us are awake – the other half will never wake up

There was a time in this country when sane, law abiding, and patriotic people made up what we knew then as the silent majority – that “majority” has now evaporated. And the blame for that can be placed right at the feet of the liberal media and individuals who simply don’t bother to stay informed.

obamaSome believe that Barack Obama is a fool, but I beg to differ – the man is actually brilliant when it comes to what he intended to do in the very beginning; to destroy America. And when you stop and think about it, he is right on the verge of doing just that! Look at the people he surrounds himself with; that would be Muslims, Communists, and anybody who wants to take this country down. The sad part of it all, he told us what he was going to do and we allowed him to do it!

I know there will be people who say they didn’t have anything to with it, but if they failed to stay informed and not complain, they are just as responsible as the perpetrators. There are individuals that I know personally who don’t know a thing about current affairs and what the media, Obama, and liberal Democrats are doing to this nation. Fact is, there are those who couldn’t care less as long as it doesn’t interrupt their life style.

Well, I have news for the complacent; if you don’t start fighting back, right now, against gun control, open borders, and the surge of Muslims who are not vetted and are pouring into this country by the thousands – it will interrupt your life style very soon and in a very bad way.

Obama spews lies constantly and the main-stream media reports those lies as truth. For example: The lie that an AR-15 is an assault rifle – wrong – the AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle, and operates just like a semi-automatic handgun, it fires only when the trigger is pulled, and not continuously like an automatic weapon; another lie is the one that you can just walk into any gun shop and walk right out with an AR-15 – wrong – any reputable gun dealer is going to run you through a background check before he sells you a gun.

Finally, people who are licensed to carry firearms here in Texas have to go through extensive background checks before the license is issued. They are finger printed as well. It took me 70 days to get mine; mainly because so many people are arming themselves that the Department of Public Safety has been covered up with requests for licenses.

So Obama, the media, and liberal Democrats will continue to scream that if you want to own a gun or you believe in a secure border, you are somehow a racist. In reality, it’s the Democrats who are the racists – they want black folks to stay on the plantation and not to think for themselves. I have one question for black people and for that matter, the LGBT community: What has Obama and his henchmen done for you lately?

Obama Hates Christianity and is an Enabler for Islamic Terrorism – Judge Jeanine

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