Over the last few days I have been totally disgusted at the images being broadcast by the news media. To see innocent people sucker punched by thugs flying Mexican flags is a repulsive sight for any patriotic American.

It has prompted me to vent my frustrations on this blog. America has always been a place where citizens can openly have freedom of speech and support any politician that happens to be running for office. But now, it has come to a point where if you support Donald Trump, you have a target on your back. People can’t even go to an event where Trump is speaking without fear of being attacked by criminal thugs.

As a person who has served in our military, it sickens me to see criminals burning the American flag while waving a foreign flag (Mexican rag) in the faces of our citizens. I honestly feel that Trump supporters and others are going to get a belly full of this and start fighting back – I hope they do. If I was going to a Trump event, I would carrFlag Burningy pepper spray and mace with me – I would not hesitate to use it!

I don’t know who these criminal thugs are, but if they are illegal aliens then they should be arrested, serve jail time, and eventually be deported to that third-world puke hole called Mexico that they seem to love so much.

These criminal thugs are probably too stupid to realize it, but they are actually going to help Donald Trump get elected. Why? Because law-abiding patriots in America are disgusted by the images coming into their living rooms showing the U.S. flag being burned and innocent people being savagely attacked.

And as for those idiots flying the Mexican rag and claiming that California belongs to them; I will once again tell them to go goggle the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, if they can read English. What it all boils down to, Mexico got its ass kicked in a war and lost a major part of its country. And, good folks that Americans are, we still paid money to Mexico!

I am still waiting for Americans, of all colors, to band together and fight back against those criminal thugs.