Before families even had the opportunity to grieve, before all the facts were in, Florida U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown (D) was in front of the press screaming for more gun control.

She didn’t spend much time giving condolences to the victims and their families; she spent her entire time in front of the cameras spewing political correctness. She went after gun shows and American citizens who sell their guns to other individuals. All this in Orlando, a gun-free zone.

obamaNot long after Brown completed her attacked on guns, President Obama came before the cameras and also made a surprisingly short assault on guns. But, as usual, Obama made no reference to Muslims or radical Islam. It’s outrageous that he absolutely refuses to express outrage towards our radical Muslim enemy. Disgusting!

When are American citizens going to wake up and realize that Democrats will use any tragedy to politicize their agenda? How about we look at the facts? This country is at war. Muslims are taught in the Koran to hate and kill people who are gay – it’s as simple as that!

It’s time for the law-abiding citizens to come together in this country and go after Muslim terrorists. Political correctness, as promoted by Democrats and Obama, is killing this nation. Folks in the gay community might need to reconsider how they vote.

Citizens of this country should fight gun control on all fronts and at every opportunity. Fact is, it has reached a point where Americans should arm themselves and defend their families, friends, and country. Our borders, especially our southern border, needs to be secured now – that is the first thing a country at war should do.

FYI: Interesting information about Rep. Corrine Brown (D)