obamaThe recent events in Dallas have made me physically ill – when a thug takes it on himself to kill five police officers because he hates white people reveals the real truth of the culture created by the Obama administration.

The killer was black and he was a racist thug, plain and simple. If this situation had been reversed, it would be considered a hate crime. But in Obama’s America, whites aren’t given this same consideration. Americans, of every color, should be sickened and appalled by the tragic event in Dallas – it should be absolutely disgusting to every law-abiding citizen in this country.

I am not defending any police officer who kills innocent people but we are, or should be, a nation of laws. When a crime is committed, sane individuals wait until all the facts are presented – then, they let the courts decide the innocent or guilt of all involved. We now have a culture where attacking police officers is the new normal. The majority of the blame for this situation comes right back to the present administration of this country.

Groups like Black Lives Matter fan the flames of racism and unlike Dr. Martin Luther King, they preach violence and racism – Dr. King would be turning over in his grave if he could see what is happening now to the race relations in our country. Martin Luther King envisioned black and white children playing together, loving one another, and growing up to become good citizens – living the American dream.

Americans, of all colors, must come together as citizens and be determined to “have the backs” of the brave men and women of law enforcement. Gun control is not the answer, instead, law-abiding citizens should learn how to use a gun and become trained in the safe use of firearms to protect themselves, their families, neighbors and police officers

God forbid, but if something doesn’t change soon with the racial relations in this country, we could see things detoriate to the point of a civil war type situation.