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November 2016

Wow, I couldn’t have said it better!


OK, I’m back in all my glory …

When I started this blog, I had high hopes for the future of my country – in fact the very title of this effort is called “Bude lepsi,” which is loosely translated by my Czech friends as meaning, “things are going to get better.” I will have to admit that I didn’t really believe that until the recent election when Donald J. Trump defied the odds and became President of the United States.

Now I will confess that Trump wasn’t my first choice – I had been supporting Ted Cruz. But any patriotic American worth his/her salt has to know that anything the Democrats had to offer wasn’t going to work. When you desire open borders and when you proceed to invite terrorist trash into this county, by the thousands, and when you havedonald-trump no problem with assassinating members of our police community or when you don’t mind people burning our flag, well you can bet I will have no part of that – in fact I will fight that ideology with every breath I take!

So yes, I’m here again – hoping to be more active with my posts. If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine – just don’t expect me to buy into any kind of liberal crap. Until we meet again – Bude lepsi

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