obamaIn the eight years that Obama has been president of this country he has created a culture of hate towards law enforcement and conservative Americans, especially white ones.

Just today, December 7, 2016, American citizens woke up to the news that a police officer has been murdered in Georgia while another is suffering from wounds received in the same shooting. In Ohio, a firefighter was shot in the leg when a bullet passed through his truck as he was returning from the scene of a fire. Thankfully, the fireman is expected to recover from his wounds.

The alleged murderer of the Georgia cop is a 32-year-old black man; the race of the person who attacked the fireman is not yet known. However, Obama has created a culture where he has encouraged all “people of color” to believe that they are downtrodden victims of an evil system in an evil country.

The Obama culture adheres to a policy where it’s acceptable for any “person of color,” especially those who are black, to attack police officers and play knock-out games on white people. God forbid, however, that a person of color is shot by a cop who’s performing his duty to enforce the law – it doesn’t matter that the aforementioned “person of color” was as guilty as sin.

Donald J. Trump was elected president because law-abiding Americans, of all colors, are donald-trumpsick and tired of the disrespect for law and order within the Obama culture. I’m not saying that there aren’t bad cops, but the good ones far outnumber the bad ones – Americans know this is true.

It sickens us to read, almost daily, that another member of law enforcement has been attacked or killed. Many Americans, myself included, are getting their permits to carry guns – many of us have vowed to “have the backs” of our police officers, myself included.

It imperative, however, that we know all white people aren’t racists and all black people aren’t criminals. Barack Hussein Obama has set race relations back at least 60 years. He has refused to identify terrorism when it is perpetrated by Muslims. He will call and console the family of a thug that is killed while attacking a cop, but he refuses to call and console a cop’s family who is grieving because their son or daughter has been assassinated by a thug.

A sizeable number of black and Hispanic Americans voted for Trump. They refused to be bullied into voting Democrat and they are sick of their votes being taken for granted simply because of their color. No, these folks are thinking for themselves. They, too, are tired of the “Obama culture” – they, too, have children who are cops, firefighters, and members of the military.

We look forward to a new and better ideology in this country that we hope will usher in a new culture. A culture that includes treating all our citizens equally and having pride in our country.

UPDATE: Second Georgia police officer has died – suspect also dead.