a-sadchristmasIt’s been a long time since I was really able to get into the Christmas spirit. Last year we were grieving over the passing of my brother who died in November 2015. This year, the temperature where we live in South Texas is in the 70s and that Christmasly (a word I invented) feeling just isn’t there.

I know we still have a lot to be grateful for and after all we are celebrating the birth of Christ, so I should try to shake this “ba hum-bug” attitude. But it seems the older we get and see many of our friends and family passing away; we begin to dwell on our own mortality. Every passing year, every new ache and pain, just adds to the depressed attitude.

The name of this blog “Bude lepsi” translates, from Czech, into “things are going to get better” – I should probably hold that thought but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas this time around.