obamaBarack Obama will go down in history as the worst and most destructive president this country has ever known. I truly believe that because of his strong ties to Islam, Hussein Obama truly hates America. His actions to harm this nation prove this to be true. It’s truly a wonderful thing that he will soon be gone. Read the article below from the NRA and follow the link to see another example of his hatred for the American people. – Bude lepsi

“For a guy who says his biggest regret is not passing more gun control laws, President Barack Obama sure is pardoning a lot of criminals who’ve violated the gun laws already on the books. As the president took in the sun, sand and amazing golf available to him on his Hawaiian holiday vacation, he also took a moment to pardon or reduce the sentences of more than 200 federal inmates, many of them in federal prison for violating federal weapons laws…..”

Source: NRA Blog | Obama Pardons More Gun-Toting Criminals