donald-trumpDonald Trump won’t officially take office until Jan. 20, 2017, but he has already taken steps to live up to his campaign promises. It’s so refreshing to see a man who obviously loves his country and is determined to bring America back to its rightful position as leader of the free world. Those liberal morons out there who just can’t accept the fact that Trump won this election will soon find that their Democratic Party is in real trouble – if Trump is able to succeed at even one half of the things he has promised, the Democrats might not gain political power for at least eight more years. The future is bright. (See the report below from Fox News) – Bude Lepsi

Fox News: President-elect Donald Trump announced Wednesday the addition of roughly 8,000 new jobs for Americans, including 5,000 that telecommunications giant Sprint will bring from “all around the world.”“They’re coming back to the United States, which is a nice change,” he said.Trump, who takes office January 20, said the other 3,000 jobs will be hires from a new company called One Web.

Source: Trump announces 8,000 more jobs for American workers | Fox News