obamaI had my 74th birthday today, and I can honestly say that in my nearly three-quarters of a century of existence,  I have never seen this country so divided by race – Barack Hussein Obama is to blame for that!

In Obama’s America, blacks are encouraged to attack whites at every opportunity and some ignorant young blacks seem to be buying into this racist crap. I don’t care what color you happen to be, if you are not disgusted by this story you are part of the problem.

How the hell can this not be a hate crime? Well, in Obama’s America it’s only a hate crime if white people are doing the crime. The Chicago Chief of Police reportedly said “kids do stupid things” – one has to wonder what he would have said if these had been whites doing the same disgusting thing to a mentally challenged black person.

I pray to God that we have finally got a president who will enforce the rule of law and be a leader for all Americans, regardless of race. This nation has suffered through eight years of racial divide and it is time for that to end! – Bude Lepsi

Breitbart News – CBS Chicago reports that four people are now in custody following a recent Facebook livestream that appears to show an unidentified young man tied up, gagged and tortured as his assailants shout “f*ck Donald Trump.”

The video shows a young man tied up and gagged in the corner of a room, cowering as two men threaten him with a knife while shouting, “f*ck white people, f*ck Donald Trump.” The video also shows the victim being hit and cut repeatedly all while his mouth is taped shut and hands and legs bound. Chicago PD are reporting that the man has special needs and had previously been reported missing from a suburb.

Source: Live-Streamed Video: Chicago Man Tortured; Forced to Say ‘F*** Trump’ and ‘F*** White People’ – Breitbart