Steven Crowder is outraged by this hate crime, as are most sane individuals. I expressed my disgust at what these thugs did to an innocent mentally-challenged white man in a previous post on this blog. All Americans, regardless of color, should be shouting for justice! Check out Crowder’s post below. – Bude Lepsi

(Louder with Crowder) – Crowder is unhinged in an epic rant on #BLMKidnapping and the Left’s blatant hypocrisy.
Yesterday, four bags of dirt attacked a white guy with special needs while shouting “F*ck Trump! F*ck white people!” I’m sure you can deduce their motive. Hint: it starts with an “h” and ends with “ate crime.” You know, because a group of black people ganged up on a white dude just because he was white. As evidenced by the grunting noises (“F*ck white people!”) they made throughout the video. Seems simple enough.

Source: Steven Crowder Nails Media’s Hypocrisy on #BLMKidnapping