When I woke up this morning, the temperature was 35 degrees and the wind chill factor was in the mid-20s. Now before all you folks from up North who are used to his crap jump all over me, take into consideration that I was born and raised in Texas – along the Gulf of Mexico and South-Central Texas to be exact.

And being as I just turned 74, these old bones just don’t like the cold. But to be truthful, I didn’t like the cold when I was young. No, I’ll take summertime any day over winter. I can find a way to cool off but getting warmer always seemed to be harder for me. I guess I should be grateful it’s January and this is only the second round of cold weather that we have seen this year.

So to all you folks who are used to this and are laughing at me; remember this, we see a lot of people descending on us from up North – driving their big and small RVs – headed South looking for the warmth of South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, etc.- we call ’em “Snow Birds.”

I guess us Texas boys aren’t the only ones who can’t stand cold weather. – Bude Lepsi