a-terroristsFor well over ten years now, I have been writing about the dangers of Muslim terrorists coming across the Mexican border and killing Americans. I feel like it is only a matter of time before this happens. Living in South-Central Texas, I am very aware of the dangers that the porous border poses for those of us in this area.

Republicans and Democrats have continued to ignore this problem. Democrats because they want illegal aliens to be allowed to vote – Republicans have ignored the problem of securing the border because they do not want to be deemed racists. In the meanwhile, Americans remain sitting ducks and potential targets. I sincerely believe that, if the U.S. does not take action soon, it is only a matter of time before we are attacked

I pray that Donald Trump will address this problem right away – American lives depend on it. (See the report from Judicial Watch below) – Bude Lepsi

Judicial Watch – A Jihadi-cartel alliance in the Mexican state of Nuevo León is collaborating to carry out attacks in American cities and ports of entry along the southern border, according to intelligence obtained by Judicial Watch from confidential U.S. and Mexican law enforcement sources. As part of the plan, militant Islamists have arrived recently at the Monterrey International Airport situated in Apodaca, Nuevo León, about 130 miles south of the Texas border.An internal Mexican law enforcement report obtained by Judicial Watch confirms that Islamic terrorists have “people along the border, principally in Tijuana, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.” Cartel informants tell law enforcement contacts that “they are only waiting for the order and the times to carry out a simultaneous attack in the different ports of entry or cities of the United States of America.” Drug cartels have a working “agreement” with Islamic terrorists, according to a high-ranking Mexican police administrator, who said that men from the Middle East arrive regularly into the country to “train” jihadists.

Source: Jihadists Train, Plan U.S. Attack from Mexican Border State of Nuevo León – Judicial Watch