Have you ever seen something on television that nobody else witnessed? To make a long story short, I was watching the western channel the other day, as I often do, when I saw this phenomenon on an episode of the old western “Wanted Dead or Alive” starring Steve McQueen. During one scene, the leading man rides into an Indian camp – as the camera pans across the array of teepees, there it was; a German swastika painted on the side of one of those teepees!

Now I want the reader to know that I was not drinking any booze – I was a little sleepy, but a swastika on a teepee? Come on! But I swear it was right there as clear as day. Anyway, I’m including a link to that episode below (Season 1 Episode 31). If you see what I saw please let me know so I will know that I’m not as crazy as my wife thinks. – Bude Lepsi

Click here for the mystery teepee story

Update on the swastika story.