In the last eight years, this country has seen an increase in attacks on police officers. The obamaworst president in our history, Barack Hussein Obama, has created a cop-hating culture and many black criminals have bought in to that philosophy. Now, members of law enforcement find themselves under attack by this criminal trash.

Americans, of all colors, are damn sick and tired of this crap; law-abiding citizens have started to arm themselves, in record numbers, and are determined to have the cops’ back. Hopefully the next president will represent “all” the people and put a stop to this war on law enforcement officers. Never in my life did I think it would be necessary to carry a gun everyday in this country – but it has come to that. See the story below about one citizen who saved the life of an Arizona trooper.Bude Lepsi

Source: Arizona trooper shot in ambush attack; Good Samaritan kills gunman and Saves Trooper’s Life | Oath Keepers