Well, here’s another show that I will have to boycott – a show that I really enjoyed on Fox News. I couldn’t believe my ears today when it was announced that “The Five” on Fox News was bringing Bob Beckel back to the show. This is why I’m pissed – I was a supporter of Ted Cruz in the presidential election and Beckel continuously slammed Cruz, called him names and insulted the state of Texas for sending him to the Senate. Beckel called ALL Texans racists and red necks for supporting Cruz.

After Trump got the nomination, I begin to support him just as strongly as I did Cruz. Around the same time, Beckel was fired from Fox and found his rightful place at CNN – he fit right in with the crazy liberals at that “fake news” channel. He then begin to attack Trump and like every other liberal cry baby, he went nuts when his stupid election predictions were wrong.

I will truly miss The Five, it was one of my favorite shows, but I will never watch it again as long as Beckel is there. I wish the rest of the cast all the best and I’m sorry that they will have to put up with this liberal idiot – once again, he will be an embarrassment to what was once a great show.

Take a look at the video below and see Beckel’s brilliant predictions. – Bude Lepsi