Don’t believe the lying so-called main stream news media on anything! They have been lying to you and me for years; now there is a president in office who calls them out on their lies and they are going berserk! Take the time to search out other sources for your news. Try Breitbart News and the Drudge Report. Take a look at the article below for the truth about President Trump’s executive order on immigration. – Bude Lepsi

donald-trumpThere is a lot of confusion swirling around the events that transpired this weekend as a result of Trump’s executive order on immigration. Make no mistake: every word of Trump’s executive order is in accordance with statute. It’s important not to conflate political arguments with legal arguments, as many liberals and far too many….(click on the link below for the entire article)

Source: Trump’s immigration executive order: Separating fact from sickening media fiction