This is something I’ve never understood about liberals. They seem to think that if they bow down to Muslim terrorists that these savages will let them live and only kill donald-trumpconservatives. Perhaps these liberals think that when a Muslim terrorist decides to blow himself up in a shopping mall that the bomb will only kill conservatives and Trump supporters.
   Do liberals not have loved ones, family, and friends? Unfortunately for liberal thinking, when a terrorist starts spraying bullets from an AK-47 or detonates a bomb; that gun or bomb is going to kill whites, blacks, Hispanics, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, illegal aliens, and even liberals.
   When our president wants to ban people from terrorist-supporting countries from coming to American, he is protecting ALL of us. Why the hell can’t Democrats and liberals figure that out? I’m sure they love their families as much as the rest of us, but we certainly are not racists for wanting to keep our country safe.
    I guess I will never figure these people out – I don’t know why I even try. – Bude Lepsi