A rioting thug pepper sprays a young woman simply because she is a President Trump supporter! This is totally disgusting and unacceptable. Click here to see the video.

        Mere words can’t express how much outrage I feel while watching video footage of thugs burning buildings on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. One young woman was pepper sprayed in the face simply because she was wearing a Donald Trump hat.
        Just once, I would love to see police outnumber the thugs and actually rush in and take them down! Throw them in jail and fine the hell out of them! I find it ironic that Berkeley was the place that was once made famous for its marches supporting the freedom of speech. My how things have changed!
       I am also outraged that there are people inside President Trump’s administration that are not loyal to him and are leaking his private phone conversations to the disgusting media known as the Washington Post and the Associated Press. These traitors need to be found and purged out of the White House. If possible, legal action should be taken against them!
     In the past two weeks President Trump has got more work done than Barack Hussein Obama did in eight years. For that matter, I can’t remember ever seeing any president take action so fast, and that includes Republicans. This man is living up to his campaign promises and he is wasting no time getting it done. – Bude Lepsi