It’s a terrible photo, but you can clearly see the swastika. This is from a movie in 1955.

    Not long ago I wrote on this blog about seeing a swastika symbol on the side of a teepee in an old TV episode of the show known as Wanted Dead or Alive starring Steve McQueen. Well, I got all bent out of shape and just couldn’t understand how that could be – I wondered if the scene had somehow been altered to get such a reaction from dummies like me.
If I had taken the time to do a little research instead of overreacting, I would have found out that the swastika symbol that I always thought was a Hitler and Nazi invention, has been around for at least 11,000 years. It was reported to have originated in India and it’s not all that unusual to see it in artifacts from Native Americans.

    To make a long story short, I was watching an old movie the other night titled The Indian Fighter starring Kirk Douglas (1955). And there it was, an Indian on a horse carrying a shield with the swastika symbol emblazoned on it. I immediately paused the movie and took a picture of the screen with my cell phone. It’s a terrible photo, but I’m including it here so you can see the swastika.
    It is said that the swastika means well-being, health, happiness and so forth. But Hitler and the Nazis hijacked the old symbol and made it the hated sign that it is today. I’m sure the 6 million Jews that the Nazis murdered never felt “health and happiness.” – Bude Lepsi

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