I picked this up off the Internet and I hope, with all my heart, that every patriotic American will take to time to read about a true hero. Please make it a point to watch the movie “We Were Soldiers” starring Mel Gibson and you will learn what kind of man Hal Moore really was. It saddens me to no end to watch the stupid little punks who are on the streets as I write this –  chanting,  “America was never great.” God help us.
     They should be out there mourning for men like Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, men who truly did make this country great. As much as I miss my dad, who was a WW II veteran, I am glad that he is not here to see the country he fought for being trashed by spoiled little punks who have no idea what it takes to keep this country free. I hope you will follow the links below and read this story. – Bude Lepsi

Lt. Gen. Hal Moore

oanow.com – Two weeks ago, a senior commander with the U.S. Army’s 1st Cavalry Division, serving in battle-hardened Afghanistan, sent a letter to Auburn, Alabama.It was addressed to a national hero.“You are a true legend…and continue to inspire the troops of today, all across the globe,” he wrote. “We hold one of your edicts close to our hearts – ‘No second-place trophies.’ The winning spirit is alive and well.”

A few months earlier, movie stars Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn made a special trip to Auburn for the sole purpose of seeing this same hero.He and Gibson had met several times before and have become good friends. Gibson portrayed him in the lead role of the film, “We Were Soldiers.”Retired Lt. Gen. Hal Moore passed away late Friday night. He would have turned 95 years old on Monday, and the Army hero known for saving most of his men and surviving a fierce standoff despite being outnumbered 10-to-1 in the first major battle of the Vietnam War proved to be a ferocious fighter to the very end.

“He had another stroke last week,” one of his children said Thursday evening. “He’s still hanging tough.”Moore’s family already was in town this weekend to celebrate his 95th birthday with a reunion of all five children here at their Auburn home that has been in the extended family since 1950… (Click here to see the rest of the story)

Source: ‘We Were Soldiers’ hero passes; the celebrated life story of a soldier, a leader, a father | Local News | oanow.com