Columnist Ann Coulter is asking why Republicans in Congress have not been doing the work that they were elected to do. There should be no more excuses, they own the Congress and they should be acting right now to help President Trump advance his agenda. It seems, however, that the President is getting very little help from the RINOs in Congress.
     You would think that by now these idiots would have figured out the reason why Donald Trump won this election. He won because the American People are sick and tired of business as usual in D.C. – Americans want to “drain the swamp,” and they want it done now. Republicans in Congress that continue to obstruct the President will not like the consequences on Election Day. The people have spoken and they will speak again at the ballot box if Republicans don’t get on board the Trump Train and make America great again. (See Ann Coulter’s column below and follow the link to see the entire article.) – Bude Lepsi

ann-coulterBy Ann Coulter – Let’s compare what President Trump has accomplished since the inauguration (with that enormous crowd!) with what congressional Republicans have done.In the past three weeks, Trump has: staffed the White House, sent a dozen Cabinet nominees to the Senate, browbeat Boeing into cutting its price on a government contract, harangued American CEOs into keeping their plants in the United States, imposed a terrorist travel ban, met with foreign leaders and nominated a Supreme Court justice, among many other things.(And still our hero finds time to torment the media with his tweets!)What have congressional Republicans been doing? Scrapbooking?

Source: The Silence Of the Lambs Congress – Ann Coulter