My everyday carry rig – Smith & Wesson 9mm Shield

   If you love guns and shooting as much as I do, then I’m sure you do your share of ‘plinking.’ I do it at least once a week. Either I will take out my Heritage Rough Rider .22, western style, single action pistol or my 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and spend a few hours at the range. The .22 is just for having fun with some affordable ammo and banging away at beer and soda cans.
The Shield is my everyday carry gun for self defense and I try to stay as proficient as possible with it should a life or death situation arise – I hope that never happens. Shooting is a wonderful past time for the whole family. They have fun while learning that guns are not as terrible as some liberals would like us to believe. I hope you enjoy the article below from The Shooter’s Log publication. – Bude Lepsi

By Bob Campbell (The Shooter’s Log)
Plinking is difficult to define, and that is how I like it. To place boundaries on recreation, or what may even advance to an art form, is an exercise in frustration.I disagree with hardcore instructors who claim that all shooting that isn’t structured is simply ‘making brass.’ I am a hardcore instructor as well, and I completely enjoy shooting for its own sake and would hate to give up plinking.
Anything that encourages the learning of proper trigger press and sight alignment is good. Another great advantage of plinking is that you may just find that the wife and kids will come along to plink much more readily than if they are sighting the rifle in for hunting season or engaging in personal defense practice. They may just get the bug and make an affair of it. Plinking includes firing at the inoffensive tin can, >click here to see the entire article….

Source: Plinking Fun — Unrestricted!