donald-trumpI started not to watch President Trump’s speech tonight – man am I glad I changed my mind! The reason I considered not watching is because I figured the Democrats would do something to piss me off, like they always do.

But to my happy surprise, it was President Trump who made the Democrats look like a bunch of hapless fools. Occasionally, he looked squarely at the Dem gallery and pointed at them when he said Congress should come together and get things done!

The Democrats were clearly in a state of shock – never in a million years did they expect a speech like this one coming from the man who they hate so much. Chris Wallace of Fox News said he believed that President Trump’s speech has finalized his hold on the office. Nobody can deny that this man has a vision for America – a vision that includes all of us, regardless of race or skin color.

The president reaffirmed his support for police and members of the military. After eight years of disrespect towards the people who protect us, we finally have a leader who believes in the rule of law. He believes in putting the American people first and his vision is for all of our citizens to succeed and achieve the American dream.

Democrats sit on their hands during most of the speech as the television cameras were rolling. The entire world got to watch some of them refusing to stand for the widow of a Navy Seal who was recently killed in Yemen. These people will have a rough time during the next election – America saw them tonight for the hypocrites they really are. – Bude lepsi.