a-wimpsIt never ceases to amaze me how the American people continue to vote Republicans into office without any results for their efforts. I’m just as guilty as the rest, although I consider myself an independent voter, the Republican agenda fits the way I believe over the America-hating agenda of liberal Democrats.

After the last election, thanks to the American people, Republicans gained control of the entire government. But, sadly, it seems that only President Trump is doing the job that he promised to do. Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress sit idly by and let Democrats intimidate them and push them around. I just want to scream, “Hey fools, you own the place, get in the faces of Democrats and flex your muscles!”

As I write this, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under attack by the left and Republican wimps in Congress are doing very little to support him. Naturally liberals don’t want this good man in office because he will uphold our laws; Democrat-backed criminals can’t stand that!

So I would like to offer this piece of advice to those gutless Republicans: Use the power that we’ve given you! See to it that Jeff Sessions remains AG and see to it that every single one of President Trump’s cabinet choices are confirmed. And just remember this, there will be another election down the road; never doubt that we are watching you. – Bude Lepsi