Ex-president Obama seems to have made it a habit to spy on private American citizens and obamayet, nothing is done to him because he’s half black – yes, it is as simple as that. He gets by with things that a white president would NEVER get by with and he is NEVER prosecuted for his crimes. I pray that the Republicans and President Trump will go after this criminal – the color of one’s skin should not be a pass for lawlessness! – Bude Lepsi

(Angry Patriot) – This might be the largest attack on the free press in American history. We cannot let it go unpunished.Fox News’ chief correspondent, James Rosen, appeared on Fox & Friends to reveal how Obama overstepped his power and attacked him. In 2013, the Obama Administration secured a warrant to spy on the working journalist and American citizen. “By all accounts, this was illegal, and unprecedented.” Rosen charged. – CLICK HERE for the full story….

Source: BREAKING – Fox News Anchor Comes Forward, Reveals What Obama Did to Him. SICKENING! – Tea Party News