Starbucks has a reputation for disrespecting police and those of us with conservative views. Recently, the company decided to flaunt their hiring of Muslim refugees over American citizens. Needless to say this outraged many patriotic people and a boycott of the company was put in place. According to the article below, the boycott is working and the liberal ownership at Starbucks has done much harm to their company. Follow the links below the Breitbart article for the entire story. – Bude Lepsi

Breitbart News – Swiss financial services company Credit Suisse is warning that coffee giant Starbucks’ announcement of a plan to hire 10,000 Muslim refugees has clearly hurt the company by negatively impacting sales and damaging the company’s brand.

Source: Credit Suisse Says Plan to Hire 10,000 Muslim Refugees Is Hurting Starbucks’ Brand and Sales – Breitbart