I should start this blog post by giving some background information on my family and

Vince Young

University of Texas Longhorn football. In our family, we have five generations of Longhorn fans. My dad was always proud of helping to roll the tarp to cover the field at Memorial Stadium in Austin when it rained. He was a Cub Scout at the time and it was a fond memory for him – the tarp-rolling Scouts got to watch the game free – this was in the late 1920s.
   When black players first appeared on the Longhorn teams, Daddy wasn’t too sure if that was proper, but Daddy just couldn’t be a racist and if there had been any tinge of doubt about black football players in Daddy’s mind, the great Earl Campbell changed all that – Daddy called him “Big Earl” and he loved to watch him play. But even Big Earl had to take a back seat, in Daddy’s mind, when Vince Young came along.
   As you read this, remember that my Dad followed Longhorn football for over 70 years! Needless to say, he saw some of the greatest players to ever play the game at “The University.”
   When I was a youngster, we didn’t have a television so Daddy and I would listen to Kern Tips broadcasting Southwest Conference football on the radio. This was back in the early 50s and Texas lost many games – I was probably around 10 years old and when they lost, I would cry real tears and Daddy would cuss. Then in 1957 Coach Darrell Royal came to Texas and those tears turned into smiles most of the time.
   Although my dad passed away in 2008, I have many fond memories of him and all those Longhorn football games that we watched together. But it was the last one that we shared together that was the very best! It was Texas vs USC for the National Championship in 2005.
  We sit on the edge of our chairs watching every play in one of the most exciting championship games in history. Daddy sit there with his hands clasped together, twiddling his thumbs, not saying a word. But when Vince Young made that final touchdown to win the game, Daddy finally spoke, “Vince Young is the greatest player who has ever played for the ‘Horns!”
   So Vince, although you never knew him, you were given one awesome compliment from an old fellow who had seen many greats come and go at UT. And if Daddy was alive today, he would be wishing you the best of luck in Canada, and so do I.- Bude Lepsi

ESPN – Former NFL quarterback Vince Young was en route Wednesday to Canada in hopes of signing with the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders, agent Leigh Steinberg confirmed.

Source: Vince Young hoping to sign with Saskatchewan Roughriders