Gee, and I always thought that “environmentalists” were keepers of the land – people who wanted to protect the earth and so forth – I guess not. Evidently these so-called protesters are as trashy as it gets! Kind of ironic when you think about it because these individuals hate President Trump and the people who follow him but yet, officials always commented that the lands where the Trump rallies were held always ended up cleaner after the Trump folks left the area – go figure. Check out the article below and follow the links to see how trashy people leave things when they’re done protesting. – Bude Lepsi

Breitbart News – Federal officials hauled away more than 800 dumpsters full of garbage at the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest campsites situated on federally-owned land in North Dakota.The Army Corps of Engineers completed its $1.1 million cleanup of the now vacant Sacred Stone campsite Thursday after sanitation crews hauled away 835 dumpsters full of trash left behind by people who opposed the pipeline,

Source: Federal Officials Haul Off 800 Garbage Dumpsters at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Campsites – Breitbart