colin-kaepernick-640x356After watching NFL football for over 50 years, I decided to boycott it this year because of the America-hating jerk named Colin Kaepernick. The NFL allowed Kaepernick and others to disrespect our flag and the kids who serve in the military – they chose not to punish them at all. So, I refused to watch any games, including the Super Bowl, and evidently I wasn’t the only person to boycott – NFL ratings fell drastically this season. I am so happy that no team has shown any interest in Kaepernick and I hope his career continues to go down the tubes. As for me, I’m going to give the NFL one more chance next year but if they continue to allow jerks like Kaepernick to disrespect our country, I’m through with them forever! – Bude Lepsi

Colin Kaepernick was reaching the height of his NFL career when he decided to use his public platform to kneel for the pledge. His decision caused his career to drop to a bench-warming position, however, now things have gotten worse for the athlete on a personal level.The days of Kaepernick’s NFL story seem to be coming to a halt after leading the league last year in disgrace. He started the movement of black athletes kneeling for the national anthem and today he is telling his future suitors that he will stand for the national anthem, but there haven’t been any offers.

Source: Look What Just Happened To Kaepernick Today — This Is The BEST News EVER! – Hillary Daily