Mexico continues to be out of control – murder and mayhem everywhere. Americans should think twice before even considering going to Mexico on vacation. It’s a sad situation in that third-world country and regardless of what some folks may say, Mexico has never been a friend of America. Check out the story below from The Wall Street Journal. – Bude Lepsi

VERACRUZ—Last Mother’s Day, a few dozen women, all mothers, marched through the central square of this picturesque port city, demanding local authorities find family members who had disappeared, suspected victims of the country’s drug violence. Suddenly, two men dashed out of an SUV, ran up to the women, and jammed crudely drawn maps into their hands.

The maps pointed to a field just off a main highway near a gritty housing project a few miles outside of town. One corner of the map was covered by a forest of crosses. “Bodies,” the map said, with an arrow pointing to the crosses. {Click here for the rest of the story}