For those liberals and Hispanic racists who are protesting against a border wall, I ask you: aillegalaliens“How much longer are we supposed to put up with attacks on American citizens?” In a normal country, with borders, this would be considered an act of war. People down here in Texas are sick and tired of these attacks on our citizens and now WE demand that something is done about it – and right now! This is totally unacceptable and we should close the border and enforce it with troops if necessary. Enough is enough! – Bude Lepsi

ROMA, Texas — Three fishermen riding a boat in Texas waters were shot by suspected cartel gunmen from the Mexican side of the border. One was killed while two others sustained injuries.Authorities responded to a call of shots fired in the rural community of Fronton, Starr County Sheriff’s Office Major Carlos Delgado said to Breitbart Texas. Local, state, and federal authorities found two fishermen who had been injured and a third killed by gunfire. The survivors are expected to recover. (Click on the link below for the entire story)

Source: Texas Fishermen Shot on Border by Suspected Cartel Gunmen