This is so pathetic, it’s hardly worth discussing. The only reason that I’m posting this is to give you another example of the disgusting liberal news media; CNN in particular! Hannity and Williams are great friends, regardless of their political views and for fake-news CNN to print something like this is reprehensible! – Bude Lepsl

Breitbart News: The fake news establishment media at CNN is at it again. Now they are attacking Fox News host Sean Hannity, smearing his reputation with a phony story about him allegedly pointing a gun at liberal Fox News contributor Juan Williams.Dylan Byers, one of the media writers at CNN who works for media industry defender Brian Stelter, printed a story on Thursday alleging: <CLICK the link below for the entire story>

Source: Very Fake News: Juan Williams Slams CNN Report Claiming Sean Hannity ‘Pulled Gun’ on Him After ‘Argument’