There comes a time when fake news and out-and-out lying becomes totally disgusting for donald-trumpthose of us who hunger for the truth. The liberal media continues to use any underhanded means at their disposal to try and stop President Trump from achieving his plan to “make America great again.” This lying media, CNN in particular, is doing American citizens a great disservice and we can only hope that our more informative people will see through these lies – get on board and support our President. I encourage you to read this post, below, from The Black Sphere blog. Follow the link to read the entire story. – Bude Lepsi

FAKE NEWS ALERT: Meals on Wheels Funding NOT Cut The Left is hell bent on preventing Trump from succeeding. So much so that they continue to lie about what our president actually accomplishes. Contrary to last week’s fake news feeding frenzy, President Trump’s budget does not eliminate funding for Meals on Wheels. He’s not even…

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