Terrorists and rogue countries around the world should take notice tonight that the694940094001_5244289612001_121116-anr-roberts-1280 United States finally has a leader. President Donald Trump ordered American forces to attack the Syrian regime in response to that regime using poison gas against its own citizens. On Tuesday, the Syrian government killed innocent people including many children using a terrible weapon. The gas attacks were a terrible and slow way to die. Civilized nations just can’t allow this to go on! Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea should understand that we will no longer tolerate threats against America and its allies. – Bude Lepsi

WASHINGTON –President Trump has ordered cruise missile strikes against a Syrian regime military airbase, a defense official said late Thursday.A U.S. official said “more than 50” Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched at the airbase, located in Western Syria. That base, called Shayrat, was where the U.S. believes the Assad regime carried out a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians this week that killed at least 70 people. [click on the link below for the entire story]

Source: Trump Orders Strikes Against Syrian Regime Airbase in Response to Chemical Attack – Breitbart