If you read this complete article there should not remain any doubt that the Russians are involved in this disgusting act, all the way up to their eyeballs! Like President Trump, the sight of these little children gasping for air is disgusting. I worked in a chlorine gas plant for 20 years and I know how it feels to be gassed – I was lucky, I survived. Any person who would do this to their own people is not civilized and Russia is no better for allowing this to happen! – Bude Lepsi

FOX NEWS – Appalling images of Syrian babies gasping for breath and others foaming at the mouth after the Bashar Assad regime hit a rebel-held town with chemical weapons has stunned the world. But people were almost as stunned last week that Syria still had chemical weapons because the Kremlin in June 2014 had vouched publicly for their complete eradication. [click the link below for the rest of the story]

Source: Top Syrian Army defector not surprised by chemical attacks, says toxins still hidden despite Russia agreement