It’s a simple fact, President Trump ran on his number one pledge to the voters – he promised to build a wall on the Mexican border and if he doesn’t fulfill that promise chances are he will lose a lot of support from his base. People who voted for President Trump in overwhelming numbers have a right to expect that the border will be secured in the very near future. There’s no doubt that the security of this nation is at risk if we don’t stop the flow of illegal aliens and potential terrorists. – Bude Lepsi

BREITBART NEWS – The National Security Subcommittee of the House Oversightdonald-trump Committee held a hearing Thursday on President Donald Trump’s signature election pledge of a wall on the southern border.Five witnesses, four speaking in favor of the wall’s construction and one against, testified before the Subcommittee.Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), framed the … [click the link below for the rest of the story]

Source: House Oversight Testimony: ‘America Has Spoken-We Want the Wall Built Right Away’ – Breitbart