I just watched actor Richard Dreyfuss speak about the Constitution on Fox New’s Tucker Carlson show – I was quite impressed. For years Dreyfuss was considered a typical Hollywood liberal but not anymore. The actor made a plea that Civics should be taught once again in high school, and he is absolutely right. He rightly pointed out that if we wait until kids get to college it’s simply too late. For the most part colleges are controlled by liberal professors and they do their best to brainwash students with their hate America rhetoric. We must take control of our children’s education and teach them how our country works – and do it at the local level. – Bude Lepsi

The Liberty Conservative – Richard Dreyfuss has long been regarded by the Hollywood

Richard Dreyfuss

Left as one of their own. But Dreyfuss is far too independent and has too strong a background in history to toe any party line. At times, he has emerged as a decided foe of political correctness.Certainly, his background was leftist. Born in Queens in 1947, Dreyfuss, a Jew, called himself “a red diaper baby.” His parents were leftists and his neighbors were Communists who fought against Franco and admired the Soviet Union. Although he eventually saw this admiration as “misguided,” he still … [click the link below for the rest of the story]

Source: The Independence of Richard Dreyfuss | The Liberty Conservative