Tonight I watched the President of the United States speak at a rally in Pennsylvania and once again, he made me feel that our country is in good hands.
   President Donald J. Trump truly loves this country and its people. He is gaining more support every single day from the black and Hispanic communities – this has got to be 694940094001_5244289612001_121116-anr-roberts-1280terrifying to Democrats.
   Ever since the KKK was founded by members of the Democratic Party, black people have been brainwashed to believe that the Democratic Party would take care of them, feed them, give them free stuff, etc. That is, as long as black folks do not dare to think for themselves and perhaps leave the Democrat’s plantation.
   Liberal Democrats have continuously pulled the race card against the Republican Party – it seems that the race card is all they have left – but people who think for themselves are beginning to see through this old ploy.
   As for Hispanics, the liberals are trying to make them feel as if they are being treated with racism (there’s that ploy again) by President Trump because he wants to secure the border and protect American citizens. It would seem that when you want to make Americans feel safe, that would also include the thousands of Hispanics in this country who are also “legal” citizens.
   Black and Hispanic Americans suffer the most by illegal aliens flooding into this country and taking jobs. But under President Trump, this is all going to change and minority citizens are slowly waking up to this fact.
   As part of his agenda to make America safe, the President is on the attack against criminals and gangs in our cities and neighborhoods. He is dedicated to making our streets safe for everyone. President Trump is determined to support the Second Amendment and the right of Americans to keep and bear arms.
   Now we have paid rioters in our colleges who are determined to take away our right of free speech. This is something that the President must deal with and deal with it soon. When liberal thugs are allowed to wear masks, destroy property, and attack those who do not think as they do; the Federal Government must put a stop to it.
   Democrats in Congress and Republicans in name only (RINOs) are doing everything they can to take this President down but it is not going to work. Why? Because President Trump is bypassing the media and taking his message directly to the people. Before he is through, we are going to see his approval numbers soar and we are going to see law-abiding Americans, of every color, come together and make America great again.
– Bude Lepsi