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May 2017

Report: Barron Trump ‘Panicked’ after Seeing Kathy Griffin ‘Beheading’ Photo

What kind of vile, sick, and disgusting person would post a bloody, beheaded photo of anybody, much less the President of the United States? The perverted piece of crap who did this was CNN’s one and only Kathy Griffin – I refuse to post a picture of her because simply the sight of her makes me ill. What makes it even worse is how the image hurt and traumatized the President’s 11-year-old son, Barron. Griffin might have thought she was being cute but the fool may not realize that over 60 million people voted for President Trump and they will not forget these disgusting antics of liberal trash. I always liked to think that perhaps there were possibly some liberals and Democrats who still had a shred of decency in them, but I am beginning to wonder if there is a decent one left. We will not forget these trashy people and it will be reflected in the next elections. Democrats can kiss goodbye their chances of winning another election anytime soon. (click on the link below for the entire story.) – Bude Lepsi

BREITBART NEWS: Barron Trump, President Donald Trump’s 11-year-old son, reportedly “panicked” and became distressed after seeing Kathy Griffin’s now-infamous “beheading” photograph because he didn’t know who Griffin was or understand the context of the photo.According to TMZ, Trump’s youngest son was watching television Tuesday when he saw the image of Griffin holding a fake, bloody decapitated head meant to resemble the president’s head.Sources told the gossip outlet that Barron “panicked” and began calling for his mother, ….

Source: Report: Barron Trump ‘Panicked’ after Seeing Kathy Griffin ‘Beheading’ Photo


‘A Soldier Died Today’ – God Bless all those who have died in service to our country. Gut-wrenching video…

It has been a while since a video has touched me as much as this one. Maybe it’s because of Memorial Day and I’m thinking of all those who fought and died in the service of this great country. Perhaps it’s because my Daddy, a member of “The Greatest Generation,” passed away in 2008 and I remember the stories he told about fighting in WW II. Whatever the reason, this video brought tears to my eyes and I hope all my friends will take five minutes out of their day and watch it. – Bude Lepsi

China Makes Major Moves To Ban Islam

China is not going to put up with Islamic savages who are determined to attack and murder anyone that doesn’t believe as they do. Unlike liberals in the United States and Europe, China will not tolerate this cult known as Islam to invade its country. We could take a lesson from the Communist regime, but I’m sure we won’t. – Bude Lepsi

Apparently, China realizes what the West doesn’t. – Bet you never thought you’d read that here – Namely, that Islam is very dangerous. It’s kind of ironic that the oppressive nation sees what free nations don’t: Islam will turn nasty. It always does. Everywhere thea-terrorists religion/political ideology have been given an inch, they’ve taken a mile. Like a rabid dog, once it gets strong enough, it will bite us.So what is China doing? It’s declaring an all-out war to make sure Islam doesn’t take over, and never gains the strength to attack them. So let me simplify it:– Female head-coverings are banned. Period. – Men are discouraged from growing long beards (often poorly grown ones, might I add)– Even Islamic restaurants are forced to sell cigarettes and drinks. And …

Source: China Makes Major Moves To Ban Islam » Louder With Crowder

Simple tips for taking (making) a photo – Tip #2 – Night photography

I intend to make these photo tips a regular feature on this blog. So first, let me give you a little background on my photography experience. I have been a photographer, both professionally and semi-professionally, for over 50 years, yes I am an old dude. I like to think that in all those years I have learned a little something – I am self taught for the most part. I have owned a studio and I have worked out of my home, I have photographed more weddings than I care to remember – I have shot graduations, proms, portraits, and chased kids with Easter bunnies. I have survived the ordeal of trying to photograph a screaming kid who was scared to death of Santa. Back in the day, I was even a rodeo photographer. And, I have also worked with female models doing glamour photography. OK now that I have given you my background, let’s dive into the aforementioned “tips.”

Tip #2 – Night Photography (For inanimate objects – not people)

Back in the days of film cameras, taking pictures at night presented a very tricky situation. In this tip, I will be telling you how I use digital cameras to perform this task. First of all, put your camera on a tripod – it is very important that your camera has a very steady base from which to work. When I first started taking night shots of buildings, I waited until it was totally dark, but that is not the best way. To retain detail in

Courthouse – Hallettsville, Texas

the surrounding area, go just after sunset while there is still some ambient light and color in the sky. After you have your camera set up and locked down on the tripod, compose your image through the viewfinder. Focus setting: I will normally set the camera to manual focus, or you can use auto focus if it will do so under the lighting conditions, but if you do use this method, be sure and put the lens back to manual focus afterwards to keep it from changing. Exposure setting: Put the camera in the aperture priority mode. You will want to use the smallest aperture setting (this will be the highest number such as F-16 if possible). The higher number F-Stops will insure that the foreground and background remain sharp. Depending on your camera, a shutter speed will be automatically selected to obtain the correct exposure, it will be extremely slow to correspond with the aperture you selected (i.e. F-16) – if your camera won’t reach a slow enough shutter speed for correct exposure, simply start backing down on your F-stop setting (i.e. F-8) until your camera tells you’ve reached the proper exposure. Once the camera tells you the proper exposure has been reached, remember the F-stop setting and the shutter setting. Go to manual exposure and lock those readings in – after that is done, I always extend my shutter speed one setting slower than what the  camera says is perfect (i.e. if the camera says 10 seconds, I set to 15 seconds.) I do this because if you just go by what the camera meter is telling you, only the lights will be properly exposed and you won’t have any detail in the building itself (i.e. brick, wood, etc.) One other thing, keep your lens cap or something else handy to cover the lens in case a car drives by with its lights hitting your lens (this always happens to me). If the cars are going away from you, you will have red light streaks in you image, and I always liked that effect. In the sample photo of the Lavaca County (Texas) Courthouse, I used the procedure that I have outlined above. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section. – MVM Images

Well bye, ‘Curly Bill’

All my graphics aren’t just about women and cars – yep, I like to do other things as well. I made this one a few years back of one of my favorite actors, Powers Boothe. He recently passed away – in this image he is playing the part of outlaw “Curly Bill,” in one of my favorite western movies, Tombstone. – Bude Lepsi (a.k.a. MVM Images)


Real picture worth 1,000 words!

Really no need for me to comment on this one, just look at the picture; it pretty well says it all – Bude Lepsi


Do you know who you are? Good question from a shared blog post.

How do you define patriotism? What is your understanding of same? Does your definition of patriotism have its basis in a historical perspective?

via Do You Know What You Are? — Doctor Bob’s Weblog

The left is trying to silence us. Thank you Mychal Massie for speaking out.

Conservative columnist Mychal Massie has always been one of my favorites. Once again, he is spot on in the video below. – Bude Lepsi

Mychal Massie: Are Blacks That Eager to be Victims?

The truth from the lips of Mychal Massie. I appreciate him posing this question and it’s time that others do the same. – Bude Lepsi

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