All around the world, there are Muslim terrorists who are determined to destroy anyone that does not agree with their savage ideology of Islam. And all around the world, especially in parts of Europe, we have liberals who will defend these savages no matter how many people they murder.
   Here in America we have Democrats and other fanatic liberals who are so obsessed with getting rid of President Trump that they have lost all regard for what is the real a-terroristsdanger to America and its people. That clear and present danger is the spread of radical Muslims who are determined to kill anybody who does not think the way they do – make no mistake, Islam is not a religion it is a cult – a political movement, if you will, that is determined to take over the world.
   Muslims do not wish to assimilate into the culture of their “host” country – no, they want to use our laws against us. They are here by the thousands, thanks to Obama, and they are receiving welfare while demanding that we forget our Constitution and allow them to be governed by their own savage Sharia law.
   And what continues to baffle me about liberals, including those folks in the LGBT community, is that they rush to the defense of these Muslim killers. Has anybody told them that in the Middle East Muslims are throwing gay people off the roofs of buildings and murdering them? Do liberals really think that because they support and love these savages that it makes them immune to the barbarism of these people? I have a piece of news for you liberal snowflakes, Muslims not only want to kill conservatives but they want to kill you as well. Think about that for a while! – Bude Lepsi