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July 2017

Hard-working American tells it like it is – a strong supporter of President Trump

I found this guy on YouTube a while back and immediately subscribed to his channel. He goes by the title ‘Mind of Jamal’ and is a staunch supporter of our President. In this video, Jamal gives his opinion on turn-coat Republican RINOs who refuse to support President Trump. Jamal is spot on in his assessment of these traitors. – Bude Lepsi


John McCain screwed the American people and Ted Cruz knows it

After John McCain became a traitor and voted with Democrats against repealing Obamacare, Ted Cruz was livid. Cruz was right when he said that McCain and others have lied to the American people. I agree with Sen. Cruz! John McCain is a two-faced RINO and the people of Arizona need to be sure that this traitor never again can do harm to hard-working Americans. – Bude Lepsi

Report: FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives Retrieved from Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani-Born IT Worker’s Home

The story below from Breitbart News makes the liberals’ fake news stories about President Trump and the Russians look like child’s play. The Democrats are so full of corruption that President Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” is so important. When you think of all the confidential information that these men had access to, it is downright scary! – Bude Lepsi

BREITBART NEWS: The FBI is reportedly investigating several smashed hard drives seized from the home of two Pakistan-born brothers who worked as IT workers

Source: Report: FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives Retrieved from Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani-Born IT Worker’s Home

He never knew ….

My grandson never knew that he was included in the photo-graphic of a fishing pier on Galveston Island several days ago. The original photo was taken with an iphone 7 – the sky was completely clear in the original and didn’t have the character of a sunset that I took years ago, so I added that one to the composite. My grandson was included in the original. As always, I used Smart Photo Editor and Photoshop Elements programs to create the final image. – MVM Images (a.k.a. Bude Lepsi)


Vacation to Galveston Island (TX)

Well, I haven’t been on the blog in a few weeks because I took a few days off for a long-overdue vacation. It was a beautiful couple of days on Galveston Island for my wife and me – we were surrounded by our children and grandchildren. We are indeed fortunate to live only several hours away from the Gulf of Mexico where I spent 40 years of my life living very near the island. If you’ve never been to Galveston, I highly recommend the place to spend your vacation and if you love seafood, you won’t be disappointed in what the place has to offer. The photo of me, below, was taken by my grandson – behind me is the tall sailing ship “Elissa” which is docked at the Port of Galveston. Below the photo of me, is a photo-graphic that I made of the ship. Click here to read more about “Elissa.” – Bude Lepsi



Promoting a Texas girl …

Let me explain right from the beginning, I did not take this photo and I do not know who did or I would give them credit here. But, I do know the model and her stage name is Alli Peach. Alli is a member of the Lucky Devil Pinups group based in Texas. I see these girls all the time when I am photographing car shows in South Texas. They are a friendly bunch and are quick to pose for the photographer when asked. This image is from Alli’s recent Fourth of July shoot. Enjoy. – Bude Lepsi (a.k.a. MVM Images)


Tips for taking photos with your iphone

The young man who has this iphone photography blog is providing a neat service for beginners in photography who only use an iphone for their camera. He has a photography course on using the iphone where he provides useful information and tips for using an iphone camera (see one of his tips below). He has made some stunning photos using iphones and I highly recommend his course. – MVM Images (Bude Lepsi Blog)


Reflection photography is one of my all-time favorite iPhone photography techniques. While beautiful reflections are found practically everywhere, photographers rarely use them to their full potential. That’s why I created this free video explaining how to take stunning reflection photos with your iPhone! The post Secrets For Taking Stunning Reflection Photos With Your iPhone [VIDEO] appeared first on…

via Secrets For Taking Stunning Reflection Photos With Your iPhone [VIDEO] — iPhone Photography School

Thank you President Trump for supporting our military

Tonight President Trump delivered a fantastic speech supporting our veterans and all those who serve in the military. He reminded us that this nation was founded on Christian ideology and that he will continue to fight for religious liberty. One of the things he said was how Americans should be allowed to pray anywhere at anytime – that 694940094001_5244289612001_121116-anr-roberts-1280includes before football games. I remember that throughout my life when I attended a high school game it was just a natural thing for a prayer to be said before the game. I don’t know who decided that we could no longer do that, but we should be allowed to pray. If our prayer offends Muslims, then they can plug their ears. When Muslims block traffic and pray in the streets, that offends me. God Bless President Trump! – Bude Lepsi

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